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the mini sprint revisited

Well, yesterday _ender_, Tiran and I met to get some work for Plone done. While Tiran was mainly fixing bugs, Danny and I were doing some cleanup to the folder_localrole_form. If you’re interested you can see the results in branch aachen-plip16.

Mainly we combined the acquired and local roles to one table and made it possible to delete a single role of a user or add new roles to one or many users at this table.

Still missing is the adding of new users although the search is reworked now and seems to work (you don’t have to choose if you want to search in email or name but instead name, email and fullname are searched now by default).

The plan is to show the users with portraits and to show directly a list of users without searching first (makes sense if you only a small amount of users).

Hope to get this finished soon.

(open is still the switch to enable/disable the role acquisition but for this we have to wait for a change in GRUF).

All in all it was a nice meeting and we’re planning to do it again sometime :-)

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