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The Plone Foundation Membership Commitee Mailing List is there

So here’s the original post by Mark Murphy (

  Hello Plone community,

  My name is Mark Murphy.  I'm a board member of the Plone Foundation
  and am the Assistant Treasurer.

  The interim board of the Plone Foundation has created a Membership
  Committee which I've been appointed Chair.

  I'd like to invite those in the community who are interested in being
  on the Membership Committee to join the list we've set up.  Also, if
  you'd just like to watch the discussion and add some comments, we'd
  like to have you subscribe as well.

  The purpose of the Membership Committee is to:

  o Define what membership is for the Plone Foundation
  o Define qualifications for becoming a member
  o Define the various levels of membership (if any)
  o Define how the permanent Board of Directors gets elected
  o Put forth a report to the interim Board of Directors for consideration

  We're looking for people who want to be official members of this
  committee.  It's a good opportunity to start getting involved with
  the Plone Foundation.

  Expectations of committee members will be:

  o To be involved in meaningful dialog on the subject
  o To help write the report which will be presented to the interim Board
  o To help define what it means to be a Plone Foundation member

  If you feel you do not have the time to commit to such a project (and
  let me tell you, there is work involved here) but would like to keep
  up on the discussion, please feel free to subscribe to the list.

  This is a working group of people with a deadline.  So please only
  let me know if you want to be a committee member if you have the time
  to help out.  We have a lot of work to do and it's not like doing fun
  programming tasks.


  To sign up for the list:

  I look forward to seeing those interested on the list!


And here’s the link again to the Mailing List

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