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Response to Tim Hicks about the Response to my blog post :-)

Tim Hicks has a response to my blog post about blogging in Plone (how can I comment on your blog? :-) ).

So in fact I maybe should have checked back with Quills again but I hope you understood that it wasn’t mean as a „Quills sucks“ post. Indeed it rocks and from the conversation I read here and then on IRC it seems it’s getting quite nice. You are right of course that comments should be handled by Plone but IMHO even trackbacks should be possible for every content item in Plone. If I link somewhere from a blog to a Plone site it might be nice to reflect that even on a non-blog object in Plone (if I enable it).

Beside that I agree with you with the points you mentioned. I am also looking forward to the sprint to get at least a plan up! :-)

Another good response to it can be found in Sidnei’s blog.

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