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The Snow Jump and Sprint Progress

Weather was better today and we had some fun in the snow:

[link to youtube]


Beside that we had a sprint status meetup yesterday again. Some people were demonstrating the results they made so far. We heard about:

  • Voodoo (now Vudo), a framework on top of Grok which aims to be an easy to use and easy to style Content Management System. It’s mostly based on Widgets.
  • Drag’n’Drop in Plone, used in the portlets (both dashboard and normal page). Done with YUI.
  • Some cool demos for KSS
  • Viewlets in Grok
  • Auto-configuration for Zope3 based packages.

and lots more. I hope that Aleksi and I can show a basic demo of the commenting engine (mostly we work on infrastructure issues to make it as extensible as possible to meet our use cases). Some discussion can be found on the plone-dev mailing list.

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