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my call-in line:

I have a call-in line now! I thought it would be great to have also the option to call in to leave a message for my podcast.

First I was looking for some VoIP-Provider to do that but they all seem to have several shortcomings:

No voicemail at all
No was to email me a WAV file
Only 1-2 minutes of time per message, not enough for a good comment.

So I decided to go the route most podcasters seem to go and use for getting a free call-in line. My number there is unfortunately expired now and not available anymore.

So save this in Skype or your mobile phone (probably only if you are in the US) and I am happy to receive any calls on it.

You can comment on anything, be it on my podcast, my blog or some topic you would like to talk about. I might then include it into one of the next episodes and hope to get a conversation about this started!

Thanks in advance for calling! :-)

PS: If you happen to know a better solution, please let me now. I am esp. looking for something which might be better reachable from many countries, not only the US.

Update 2008/07/14: Removed number due to expiration of it.

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