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The annoyances of

So I now have this new podcast called TopfCast and of course I want to put it into the right places and of course I am always looking for new music for it to play on.

So I joined as MrTopf. I then discovered that I somehow have to signup as my podcast again, so I added „The TopfCast“ which is now linked to my individual profile as my show (or one of my shows). I entered quite a lot of data, like what the podcast is about, uploaded the image, where to find it and used FeedVacuum to add my first episode from the feed (but I had to add a code in the post to make it work). What I now have to do is apparently add episodes again manually everytime I make one and it seems not to be synced to my feed. That’s not so cool.

Then I was browsing some music and discovered that the music on it is basically the same as on which I mostly used for finding podsafe music. seems to be a different interface aimed at people who want to download music for their podcasts. They have to signup, search for music, put them into a playlist, download it and report back in which podcast they played it. This so far is cool but I always was annoyed by the interface which makes searching for new music quite hard (no similar artists etc. functions). The player is also annoying because it’s a simple Play button and you cannot fast-forward or move back.

So I was glad to detect that has the same music but is more aimed at end-listeners. But it has a better player and more features for discovering music, so that’s cool. I also quickly find cool music and wanted to get it into my podcast so I looked for a link to actually get the music but didn’t find one directly. But clicking on the „more“ link in the „podcasts that have played this artist“ linked to again where all that functionality is available + I am directly at the artists page.

Now I thought „Cool, I have my podcast already registered on, so I guess I am logged in here, too“. I wasn’t. Instead I had to signup again. Give all the information about my podcast again. Give my email address again. Clicked „ok“ and then it said „email address already in use“. Of course, because I have 3 podcasts or so and only want to use one email address. One of them is already registered on So that’s annoying, too. I clicked back and know what? All my entries in the form were gone.. And that was it, I go and look on different places for music!

So what can be better? Here’s my list:

  • synchronize accounts between and
  • make it possible to handle various podcasts with one login
  • don’t delete the form on errors
  • give a better player and better discovery features.
  • why not getting rid of the music. part altogether and incorporate it into the main site? I have my podcast there already, why not letting me „get“ music for my podcast and then be able to download it maybe after giving additional information?
  • Or at least make the link for getting that track for podcast use more easier to find.
  • let me sync a feed for episode, I do not like copying stuff all over

I might have missed something but I was looking quite a lot for links and such.

Now I am off to get some music from other sites and concentrate more on doing episode 2.

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