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Linden Lab to partner up with IBM and other virtual world providers to create a Virtual World protocol.

There has been some activity about the Second Life Grid Architecture (SLGA) project (wiki here) which is about opening up Second Life to provide a standard protocol for interconnecting virtual worlds. While this in the beginning has just be some discussion among Linden Lab and Second Life residents it seems that they are now trying to also incorporate other companies in this project.

Right now they announced some partnership with IBM (IBM press release here) and as metaversed reports, they also had a closed session at Virtual Worlds Fall with several of the big virtual worlds companies. No real details are known about the meeting but it makes of course sense to get more people to work on an open standard. Of course it is also difficult though because each company probably has their own business interests.

Anyway, it’s a great project and it might be the new way to communicate in. And it will certainly be fun to implement some components of this new architecture in Python (and Linden Lab is using more and more Python aswell and is even open sourcing parts if it).

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