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pydataportability.xrds v0.2 released


It’s been a while since I worked on pydataportabilty but I am on track again. Today I released version 0.2 of the pydataportability.xrds package, a parser for XRDS-Simple documents.

From the changelog:

0.2 (2009-09-08)


 * ``CHANGES.txt`` and ``README.txt`` have been added


 * Some basic tests using py.test have been added


 * upper- and lowercase namespaces are not recognized, see issue 3:
   `issue 3 `_; thanks to scherpenisse for the patch
 * service priorities and URI priorities have been mixed previously resulting in the service priority always being
   the last URI priority to be found, this is fixed now.
 * ElementTree import is made more stable to check for alternative locations (see
   `issue 4 `_)

Backwards Incompatibilities

 * `localid` can occur multiple times with different priorities. We just checked for a single element without
   a priority. A new ``LocalID`` class which holds the id and the priority has been added and will be returned as
   ``localids`` attribute on the ``Service`` class.
 * priorities will now be always converted to integers or to ``None`` in case the value is ``null``.
 * the ``prio`` attribute of the ``URI`` class has been renamed to ``priority``
 * the default value for ``priority`` parameters in constructors has been changed from ``0`` to ``None``.

Please note the backwards incompatibilities! Also check out the tests for usage examples.

You can find the new package on PyPI. The code is available on Google Code.

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