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HTML on a prim and other Second Life Updates

In the last days some good updates have been happening to Second Life, I quickly wanted to list in case you haven’t seen it yet:

  • The Linux Client now turns beta, after being labeled alpha for years. This means also, that 3D Voice Support, Media playback thanks to GStreamer (I just met one of the GStreamer guys at FOSDEM btw and he mentioned it) and many other bugfixes are now available to Linux users, too. You can download it here. This is certainly good news, as Linden Lab is one of the few companies to also release a viewer for not only Mac OS but also Linux.
  • A new release candidate 1.19.1 RC0 is now available. This release now includes the Windlight rendering engine, a new parcel media support handler, Estate Level Abuse Reporting, some adjustments to voice and improved Linux Voice support.
  • Maybe the biggest one: Second Life gets HTML on a prim! From release 1.19.1 on you will be able to display all sorts of other web media instead of just audio and video as a parcel media texture (so to be precise it’s not really HTML on a prim but HTML on a parcel). In the first phase it will only be static content and no flash but this will change in the future. The whole parcel media support has been redone so that it’s now possible to plugin new types of media more easily. I hope that Flash will be working soon as this will enable all sorts of interesting application like free live video streaming via ustream and other services.

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