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Linden Lab tries to explain the new trademark policy again… and fails..

Linden Lab tried to clarify again what is and what isn’t allow regarding the use of the term Second Life because of all the confusion and protests going on.

Fact is though that I already infringened their policy because I didn’t put a TM sign behind the first use of this term.

Fact is also that it this new policy does not make more sense by explaining it more. Look at the comments on the blog to see that people are still pissed.

Fact is that people who invested quite a lot of time and maybe money on promoting their formerly legal domain names (SEO etc.) have to change names now losing all that.

Fact is that it will not help Linden Lab to control their message.

Fact is that most people will not comply to those rules (e.g. putting a TM on the first mention).

Fact is that the TOS will not be changed to remove the ban clause for infringing their trademark.

For me it stays a bad move regarding marketing and moral issues.

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