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seemic test and the SLM Magazin

Ein Blogpost auf deutsch über das Second Life Magazin kommt später noch!

So since today I am also a seesmic user (thanks to Loic) and probably you won’t know what seesmic is ;-) So seesmic is basically a video twitter. Of course it won’t be used the same way as twitter but I see some addiction possibility here, too ;-) The thing is that video makes it more personal although you probably cannot do it from everywhere and at any time as you can do with Twitter. But it’s something we should have a look at because video gets more and more popular these days.

That said I should also say that seesmic is still pre-alpha (whatever that means) but the basic features seem to be working (although no about pages yet). It’s unfortunately also still closed so you have to wait a bit to get an invite I guess (no, I don’t have any). Here is a little test I made, talking about  a german Second Life print magazine I just bought.

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