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Small Worlds Beta

Today I received my beta invite for Small Worlds which is a virtual world running in your browser. I thought I share some screenshots of the signup process with you, so here we go:

1. Choose your base avatar:

2. Define the details such as skin tone, head and nose shape

3. Choose your glasses (and hair and facial hair)

4. Choose what to wear

5. Now you are ready to enter the world (looks like I might be able to define more than one avatar):

6. But wait! We can also define a pet:

7. And we can choose in which appartement we want to live:

(I guess those bigger ones will cost something in the future)

8. Now we finally can enter the world. Here is a little video I made:

My summary

Looks nice but of course could be nicer ;-) Like:

  • Make movement easier/faster
  • Let me cam the whole room without moving
  • Playing YouTube in a window but not in the world somehow makes the immersion for me go away (but in that world it will be too small and limited due to it’s isometric perspective.
  • I would like a way to create my own stuff
  • passwords should be allowed to contain „$“ characters.
  • OpenID, Microformats, FOAF and XFN is all missing for making my life easier
  • It’s of course easier than Second Life but also more limited.
  • Having YouTube etc. is quite nice and certainly is a very weak point for Second Life (though I hope they soon make Flash work).
  • They should engage in the Open Grid Protocol discussion so that I can at least carry my friends from Second Life over and use IMs crossover.

If you want to check it out I guess you can do so latest starting at June 2nd or you can try if there are still invitations available here.

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