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Open Social at Barcamp Berlin 2

We just finished a session at the Barcamp Berlin 2 on the new Google Open Social API which is quite hyped at the moment probably due to the name and due to the fact that everybody hopes it fixed the whole social network problem field. Of course it doesn’t but it seems to be a good start.

I has the pleasure to present together with David Recordon of Six Apart. That’s esp. nice as I just stumbled upon his paper he did with Brad Fitzpatrick on the Social Graph. David also knows quite a bit more about Open Social of course, simply because Six Apart is one of the Google partners on this project.

Here are my quickly created slides which served as a small introduction:

We also had a great Q&A session afterwards which probably was having more questions that answers. I will try to summarize some of the discussion later (and probably adding my own thoughts). I also recorded part of the discussion on video and I will put this up later and post it here.

Unfortunately not too much information on how to implement Open Social containers is available now, otherwise it might be nice to try to create a Plone implementation.

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