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Triff Obama: change.gov

This post is about Obama’s new website: change.gov about which you probably find lots on the net easily, e.g. at mashable Während ich hier den engagierten Gäste von Maybrit Illner lausche öffnet wohl der, um den es bei denen geht, … Weiterlesen →

TopfCast #7: About OpenID UX and an alternative Open Grid Protocol for the web

The Podcast Download as MP3 (17 MB, 18:00) [audio:http://podcasts.plonetv.de/english/topfcast_en_07.mp3] So after a long time which made me forget whether how my german and english podcasts are actually called I made one again. So it’s TopfCast #7 and it’s about the … Weiterlesen →