Juni 2004 - mrtopf.demrtopf.de

tiny aachen sprint coming up

So on the next saturday (3/Jun that is) ender, MrTopf and Tiran will meet up to do a little aachen sprint. Main topic will be the UI for PLIP #16, which means doing a new localrole form for Plone. And … Weiterlesen →

adding icons to structured text areas

A problem with structured text might be that for newbies it’s hard to remember the syntax. This could be easily solved like on wikipedia.org, which means adding an icon toolbar. There would even more complex functions possible as uploading and … Weiterlesen →

The best content type ever

The best content type ever is probably a very flexible one with the possibility to configure it to the site needs. Compared to the now established Document, File, Link and Image types in Plone it should do much more. The … Weiterlesen →

hierarchies, hierarchies

Was again annoyed this morning at searching for some document and being unable to remember in which folder I put it.. Shouldn’t this problem be solved at some point? Actually hierarchies do not make sense all the time.. And when … Weiterlesen →

Do speaking URLs make sense?

Recently I was thinking about so called speaking urls which means URLs of the form /chapter/section/subsection/article compared to /5362. Do such URLs give any advantage to e.g. id-based URLs or maybe completely hidden ones. Should the user care about this … Weiterlesen →