Juli 2004 - mrtopf.demrtopf.de

europython 2004 talks revisited

When remembering the talk by Holger Krekel about unit tests in a secondary standard library I actually found a nice list of pictures and talk notes So actually I also did find how to get the new std lib by … Weiterlesen →


Read today a nice article by Philip Eby about the new directions of PEAK. Very interesting, I’d say :-) see here

the mini sprint revisited

Well, yesterday _ender_, Tiran and I met to get some work for Plone done. While Tiran was mainly fixing bugs, Danny and I were doing some cleanup to the folder_localrole_form. If you’re interested you can see the results in branch … Weiterlesen →

Played with OccamsStaging

Yesterday and today on a train ride I’ve played a bit with Occams by reading the source and finally installing it. So the main concept here is versioning and staging which is done one a very transparent level and how … Weiterlesen →

Group dynamics

On the way to Cologne yesterday I was finally reading some printout which has been for ages in my bag. Was actually a very nice piece about group dynamics in the internet and in the real world. You can read … Weiterlesen →