Dezember 2005 -

Typo3/Plone comparison

For those of you speaking german, the folloing link might be of interest. It’s a comparison of Plone and Typo3 by Gert Thiel, having used both systems:

Report on the Belgium Plone Meeting

So yesterday I have been at the belgium Plone Meeting in Brussels. It took place in the university ULB and was actually quite nice. It also turned out to be bigger than expected because there have ben around 40 people … Weiterlesen →

First Plone video available

Starting as an experiment I was yesterday doing a video containing an introduction to Plone. My main idea is to use this format more for showing things in a tutorial like way. The only problem I had to day still … Weiterlesen →

working on RSS

So because I wanted to get my blog online again with a Plone site I started working on some RSS stuff again. Basically what I wanted to do is the following: I do not fill in anything in the description … Weiterlesen → upgrade

The are doing a great job right now to migrate the Site to Plone2.1. It should be finished by tomorrow. So give them an applause for doing it! PS: In the process of cleaning the site the remaining … Weiterlesen →

autogenerated ids in Plone

there’s usually the function to switch showing the id in edit forms on and off. Moreover there’s a script which does generate the initial id. While all this is good, it’s maybe not good enough ;-) And maybe even better … Weiterlesen →