Mai 2006 -

A view on Views

Views in Plone have been introduced in Plone 2.1 and they basically allow you to define the way e.g. a folder listing is rendered (photoalbum, table, listing etc.) by defining which skin is to be used for it (don’t confuse … Weiterlesen →

EuroPython registration is open!

Finally things in the EuroPython realm get a bit clearer. After some people were already wondering if it will happen at all, we now have the registration open (unfortunately Benedikt was ill and that crippled the communication a bit but … Weiterlesen →

formlib and Zope2

Laurence Rowe just told us on IRC that he checked in some code showing his formlib stuff in the collective. For those uninitiated: formlib is the way in Zope3 to create forms and Laurence was working at the archipelago sprint … Weiterlesen →

One day with AJAX

I am now on the way home from the sprint after staying 2 additional days in Oslo. And while I wasn’t doing much coding at the sprint in favour of doing videos I actually did get a bit into AJAX … Weiterlesen →