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Typo3, Streaming and Second Life

This is just a quick list of things in my head I wanted to mention.

  • First of all I tried to check out what the „competition“ is doing. Here I thought of Typo3. This is at least in Germany quite popular. So I looked at their homepage and found a video with a talk about the new version. It’s interesting in how the same problems as we have or had are mentioned resulting in a complete rewrite. Here the keywords are also components and migration issues. One big different seems to be though that only 2 people seem to be working on it. I have no idea how many are active developers in the Typo3 community but probably there aren’t as many as we have.
    Anyway, the video is worth watching IMHO and you can find it here.
  • I was summarizing my experiences with streaming the Plone Conference into Second Life and the web over at my Second Life blog. If you are planning on streaming video and haven’t done it before maybe it’s worth a read.
  • Mark Shuttleworth is coming to Second Life. He will give a Q&A panel along with Tim Bray and Simon Phipps for a SUN press conference (about how Java will become Open Java, meaning to open source it). More information can be found in the Millions of Us Blog
  • On sunday (tomorrow) there will be a Second Life community event from noon (Second Life Time == Pacific timezone) at the Plone Conference location. Please join me to spread the word about it.

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