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Snow Sprint revisited

So I wonder now how I ever got into wondering whether I should attend or not. This being my first snow sprint (because always something was in the way before) it was definitely a great thing to attend and I … Weiterlesen →

Having fun at the Snow Sprint! :-)

So it’s monday night and we are 2.5 days into the Snow Sprint 2007. It’s happening in Sibratsgfäll in Austria and we even have some snow. Nice to finally see some white mountains again! :-) I arrived on Saturday after … Weiterlesen →

Plone Conference Wrap-up

So I am sitting here now at the first day of the sprint and I am sort of hovering between the multimedia and marketing sprint. Other sprints btw are on Membership, AJAX, Syndication or GIS. In the multimedia sprint we … Weiterlesen →

Plone Conference Stream is up

Check it out here. The network wasn’t completely reliable today so it might drop out. But then try again later. I will be mostly in the Lopez room so check out the program at The Shaw and Lopez room … Weiterlesen →